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Driven by our values and powered by our team, Reverie Labs is on a mission to develop next-generation cancer therapies.

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Jonah Kallenbach

Co-founder, CEO
Executive Team

Ankit Gupta

Co-founder, CTO
Executive Team

Alicia Petrin

Senior Program Manager
Program Management

Bo-Sheng Pan, PhD

Head of Biology

Dana Merrick

Staff Infrastructure Engineer

Hao Shen

Staff ML Engineer

Jessica Xu, PhD

ML Engineer

John Campbell, PhD

VP of Chemistry

Neha Rana, PhD

Senior Computational Chemist

Nisha Perez

VP, Preclinical Development & Clinical Pharmacology

Philip Harris, PhD

Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Sophia Tabchouri

Applied ML Lead

Stephen Polcyn

Senior Software Engineer

Valarie Truax, PhD

VP, Business Development and Corporate Strategy

Our values

We put patients first

We aim to give hope to those who suffer from advanced cancer. From target selection to model creation, we ground our approach on what is most impactful for patients.

We trust the data

Data is at the center of our decision-making process. We don’t believe in the guesswork of searching for molecules in the dark. Instead, we design methodical experiments to collect data and guide us forward.

We value time

Time is our most finite resource and we value it accordingly. The more efficiently we move, the faster we can deliver a positive impact for patients. This urgency affects how we prioritize resources across our team, from optimizing model training to accelerating compound synthesis.

We take ownership

Every member of our team has a responsibility for a component of our therapeutic goals. We empower our team members to take charge, make impactful decisions independently, and own the outcomes.

We stay curious

Our communal curiosity facilitates a culture of openness and lifelong learning. At Reverie, we foster an environment of sharing experiences and expertise, as well as learning about others' in a no-ego environment. This curiosity cross-pollinates other departments, seeding ideas and inspiration into our everyday challenges.

We are committed to finding comprehensive treatments for the most devastating diseases.
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