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Engineering next‑generation,
brain‑penetrant cancer therapies.
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Partnership with industry pioneers

Reverie Labs has announced a multi-target collaboration agreement with Roche and Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, to develop a suite of next-generation kinase inhibitors.

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Catalyzing drug design with computation

We believe that computation should power each stage of the drug discovery process. This enables us to engineer solutions to the most difficult, multi-objective medicinal chemistry problems to fill pressing medical needs.

Our diverse team unites expertise in computer science, physics, biology, and chemistry to build best-in-class tools that rapidly advance compounds to the clinic.

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Addressing the hardest problems in cancer

For patients battling the most difficult diagnoses, traditional drug discovery methods have not met the challenge. The unique constraints of different cancers demand the ability to efficiently search chemical space for therapies with the right balance of medicinal properties.

Our proprietary computational tools have enabled us to make swift progress across multiple therapeutic programs.

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